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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products new?

Yes. We sell only brand new appliances. Every appliance we sell is new in its original box.

Do you sell damaged, seconds, or scratch and dent models?

No. Damaged merchandise is sent back to the manufacturer and we do not resell it. Every appliance we sell is brand new.

Are your prices for real? How are you able to offer your prices on new appliances?

Yes, our prices are real. We operate with very low overhead from a small warehouse rather than the huge showrooms of other appliance dealers. We pass our low overhead costs on to you in savings. Additionally, we concentrate on only the most popular appliance packages carefully selected to offer you the best value and use our ability to purchase and sell in bulk to lower our prices.

Why don't you show prices without a membership? Why do I have to sign up?

Manufacturer policies prohibit us from advertising our low prices. Even showing you prices online is considered advertising per manufacturer policy. By signing in with your membership code you ensure that the information we are providing you is private, and remains in compliance with manufacturer policies. We understand that this is inconvenient, but other retailers are bound by the same policies! Our sign up process is designed to be simpler and faster than other online retailers' accont creation processes.

Are your products always in stock?

We order in your product from the manufacturer when you purchase. With limited exception we don't keep merchandise in stock. This ensures that your appliances are new and in good condition rather than sitting around a warehouse. Occasionally a manufacturer will be out of stock of a particular item and an appliance may be back ordered. We will inform you if an item you order is back ordered and you will have the opportunity to change your order, cancel, or wait for it to arrive. Back orders are typically cleared in about two weeks, but in some very uncommon situations items are not available for extended periods of time. In this case we will keep you informed throughout the back order process.

What does it mean if my item is back ordered?

Back ordered items are out of stock in both our warehouse and with the manufacturer, and are not immediately available. Lead times for back ordered items vary, and are dependent on the manufacturer to produce or supply more product. Because of this, back ordered items are not under our control and we cannot guarantee lead times or length of delay. Typically, back ordered items are availble within 2-3 weeks, although in rare instances there are longer delays. Items that are known to be out of stock and are back ordered are noted as such when you purchase. We strongly advise not purchasing any back ordered items unless your schedule is extremely flexible. If you have inadvertently ordered an item that is on back order and will not be available in time to complete your project, we can usually offer an alternative product that is similar. You will be responsible for the difference in price between models, or if the replacement model is less expensive we will refund the difference. Due to the fact that back orders are beyond our control we cannot offer any discounts or concessions on back ordered or replacement products, altough we can refund any undelivered items on your order.

What does it mean if an item is marked special order?

Special order items are products that are not normally kept in stock at any of our warehouses, suppliers, or other sources. Generally these are specialty items that must be ordered directly from the manufacturer and as such may have extended lead time. Since the manufacturers prohibit us from returning these items, special order items are not returnable under any circumstances. Please double check and ensure that you are ordering the correct part, accessory, or appliance before purchasing.

How long will it take to receive my appliances?

Typically we can have your appliances delivered withn 3-5 business days. Items noted with extended lead time are located in an outlying warehouse and take longer to arrive; These items are typically delivered within 5-7 business days. Items that are back ordered have varying lead times, and are dependent on the manufacturer. Orders are processed within 1 business day of payment.

How does delivery scheduling work? Can I pick a date to take delivery?

Yes, you can. We run multiple delivery days each week. When your order is processed you will receive a call from us to schedule your delivery. We can hold an order up to 30 days to better fit your schedule, and we can pick the delivery date that works best for you. 1-2 days prior to your delivery date we will call to confirm and provide you with a 4 hour time window in which your delivery will arrive.

Can you hold my order if I don't need it right away?

Yes, we can hold your order up to 30 days past the date of placement. If your hold period expires we will contact you to arrange delivery, but please note that if you cannot take delivery or are unreachable your order will automatically be canceled after 30 days and your payment refunded less a 20% restocking fee.

Can I return my appliances?

All returns must be approved beforehand. We can approve most returns on product that doesn't fit or is unwanted provided it is in the original packaging, in new condition, and includes all the original parts, accessories, and documents. There is a 20% restock fee on all returns of non-defective merchandise. We cannot approve any return of product that has been damaged or modified by the customer or installer, has missing parts, accessories, or documentation, or has had its serial number labels removed or defaced. We cannot approve returns of any product that has been used to file for a mail-in rebate. If you are returning non-defective product you are responsible for the cost of transporting it back to our warehouse. Special order items cannot be returned.

What if I receive a damaged or defective product?

If you receive a damaged product, inform us right away. Products which arrive damaged must be reported within 72 hours of delivery. Resolution for damaged or defective products is achieved via the product's manufacturer. At the manufacturer's discretion they will provide warranty repairs, replacement parts, or arrange for replacement of the entire product, and/or might offer partial reimbursement for the cost of your damaged product if you decide to keep it. We cannot automatically accept return of damaged or defective product, but in some cases the manufacturer may direct us to do so. In the case of damaged or defective products that are returned there is no restocking fee.

How does the free delivery offer work?

You'll automatically recieve free local delivery on any order containing a refrigerator, laundry pair, or mattress, to any residential address located within 50 miles of our store. You can purchase any combination of the above and more and recieve this offer. Two washers and no dryer? No problem. A fridge and a pile of accessories? Bring it on. You can also recieve this offer if you purchase five or more major appliances such as microwaves, cooktops, dishwashers, etc.

For orders that don't contain any of these items, we can deliver within our standard local delivery area for a flat rate of $60. For applicable orders, this rate will automatically be applied to your total in your shopping cart.

Standard local delivery is defined as delivery to any residential address within 50 miles of our store, to first floor or equivalent only, or locations where an elevator large enough for your products is accessible. There is an additional charge of $20 per floor for any locations where heavy/bulky appliances must be carried up stairs. Since this is assessed at the delivery location, we cannot pre-charge you for this fee and it is payable directly to the delivery personnel.

We use independent, third party delivery contractors to facilitiate your delivery. We are unable to waive or alter delivery fees or charges for any reason, since they are at the sole discretion of the delivery company. We appreciate your understanding for this policy.

You can also pick your order up at our store for no additional charge. We are open seven days a week, and will have your order ready for you when you arrive. To pick up in store, simply select "I will pick my order up" when you check out. Please note that valid photo ID is required for all merchandise pickups.

Do you offer installation?

Our delivery service providers can perform limited installation tasks. If you require installation, please tell us when we call to schedule your delivery. There is an additional fee for installation per appliance, which is payable directly to the delivery personnel. Installation rates are as follows: Refrigarators, free. Electric ranges and dryers, $20. Gas ranges and dryers, $40. Over-the-range microwaves, $75. Dishwashers, $110. The fee to stack or unstack a washer/dryer pair is $20. Placing laundry units on pedestals is free. Installation rates are for standard installation only, defined as installation using existing utilities in good condition. You must have electrical and gas outlets, shutoff valves where applicable, etc. in place before the delivery personnel can install. Installation of cooktops, wall ovens, and garbage disposals is not available.

Can you haul away my old appliances?

In most cases the delivery companies we use are able to haul away your old appliances. Your old appliances must be empty, disconnected, and reasonably clean to be hauled away. Typically there is no charge for this service, but the delivery company may charge additional fees for difficult or unusual haul-away scenarios, which must be negotiated directly with the delivery company.

How does your free parts offer work?

Other dealers charge extra for installation parts that are normally not included with appliances such as cords, gas lines, and water lines. These parts are required to hook up your new appliances, and can be considered a hidden cost. We provide standard installation parts for free with every appliance purchased from our site! You will receive the following standard installation parts with your appliances if applicable, either with the appliance or packaged separately: Refrigerators with icemakers will be provided with a free 1/4" flexible PVC water line. Electric ranges will be provided with a free electric cord (either 3 or 4 prong -- please be sure to specify before you take delivery) and gas ranges will be provided with a free gas flex line. Dishwashers will be provided with a free 3/8" water line and applicable adapter elbow (if required). Electric dryers will be provided with a flex vent plus a free electric cord (three or four prong -- please specify before delivery) and gas dryers will be provided with a free gas flex line. Washing machines will be provided with a free pair of water inlet hoses.

Please note that installation parts do not equate free installation. Installation of most types of appliances carries an additional charge from the delivery company, explained above.

If you require specialty parts such as unusual adapters, outlet boxes, or other items we do not carry, unfortunately these cannot be included with your order for free. We can provide standard parts applicable to most installation scenarios, but if you have nonstandard or unusual requirements you may have to source these types of parts elsewhere. This free parts offer has no cash value and no credit or refund will be given for installation parts which we do not carry.

Why do you recommend that all my appliances match? What if I don't buy all of the same brand?

If you are buying appliances together, for instance to outfit your entire kitchen or laundry room, we usually recommend that you buy all of your appliances from the same brand. The main reason for this is package based rebates, which are always brand specific and provide greater benefit and better rewards for buying multiple pieces of the same brand. In fact, some brands' manufacturer rebates are only applicable to packages of 3, 4, or more appliances and there are no individual rebates on these items at all! During a rebate promotion you can save significantly more money by ensuring that your appliances are all from the same brand.

Furthermore, different brands of appliances are all visually different from each other. Outfitting your kitchen with mismatched appliances may leave the room looking jumbled and random. Every manufacturer has their own handle style, stainless steel sheen and finish, and logo. Even the colors of lights and control panels vary widely between brands and might clash when mismatched appliances are placed near each other.

In the case of laundry appliances, it is best to use matching washer and dryer pairs if possible. Dryer capacity must be matched to washer capacity for optimum performance. If you are planning to stack your laundry appliances together, it is unsafe to attempt to stack two mismatched or incompatible units. The upper and lower units will not mate together securely and the upper unit may fall off and cause injury. Don't do it!

In some cases where there are very exact size or feature requirements it may actually be impossible to build a matching appliance package using all of the same brand of appliances. Unfortunately, not all brands manufacture every size and variation of item. Some specialty appliances are only available from a narrow range of brands. In this case you may be forced to pick and choose a few specific appliances accross brands. Our automatic package builder cannot do this for you by itself, but you can individually add the appliances you choose to your cart and our web site will still calculate the correct rebates and delivery information for you. You can also force our custom package builder to use the appliances you select by clicking the green "use in packages" button on any appliance. If you do this, you will get suggested custom packages with mixed brands including the specific items you select.

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