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Why Can't We Show You The Price?

Most product manufacturers place restrictions on when we can and can't show you our low prices because they are below the minimum that the manufacturers specify. Usually this means we are prohibited from showing you our deals unless you either sign in with your membership code, or we collect some additional information.

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To see price information on these items, you must sign in with your membership code. You can become a member instantly, and for free. All we need is your name and email address. Click here for more information.

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These items' manufacturers require us to determine what region you are located in before we are allowed to show the price. You can enter your ZIP code in the shopping cart to see price information. We don't keep your ZIP code for anything, but we will remember it until you leave our web site so you don't have to enter it again.

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Some manufacturers restrict us from showing our price at all. We can only quote the price for these items verbally, or in person. Contact us directly for more information.

Free Delivery? You Bet!

We use outside delivery contractors to bring your product to you at your home or business. Purchase a qualifying package and we'll cover the standard delivery rate for you. No sweat!

Standard delivery is available to first floor or equivalent to any residential address within 50 miles of our store. Standard delivery does not include second floor or higher locations, or locations where additional labor must be performed such as removing doors, railings, etc. and is subject to limitations and rates defined by these third party delivery contractors. For orders that don't qualify for free delivery, you can have your order delivered within the same standard delivery area for a simple flat rate.

Click here for more details.

Shop In Tax Free Delaware!

Since we're based in tax free Delaware, we do not collect sales tax on purchases, even to PA, NJ, or MD. You can pick up in store, or use one of our independent delivery contractors to deliver your new appliances directly to your home.

Note that your state of residence may require you to declare out of state purchases. Check your local laws and regulations.


Free Standard Parts With Every Appliance

Did you know that most major appliances do not come packaged with all the parts required to install them? Other dealers don't mention this, and if you ask they'll provide those parts -- and charge you extra for them.

BigCentric is different. We include standard installation parts with every appliance we sell. For free. For real. Not "free*" with air quotes and an asterisk. Free.

Every fridge receives a free ice maker line. Every range receives a free electric cord or gas line. Every dishwasher receives a free inlet line and adapter elbow (if applicable). Every washer receives free inlet hoses, every dryer receives a free flex vent and gas line or electric cord.

Note that this free parts offer includes only standard parts as defined in our terms and conditions. Due to the impossibility in predicting every specialty part that may be required in nonstandard scenarios, we are unable to provide specialty parts that we do not carry. This offfer has no cash value. Click here for details.


Our Members Save More

Have you ever noticed that every major retailer seems to sell the same appliances for the same price as each other, plus or minus a penny? We think that's mighty suspicious, and it makes it pretty tough to get a good deal.

We operate from a warehouse, not a fancy showroom or giant big box store, so we use a unique combination of low operating costs and volume purchasing to provide you better deals. Our prices are available to members only -- the manufacturers won't let us publish our prices!

However, membership is instant, and free. All we need is your name and email address. There's no cost, no pressure, and no obligation. We won't cold call you or send you junk emails -- unless you want us to. We are constantly surprised to find that some people seem to want to receive advertising emails containing our best deals, so you can always check that box when you sign up and we'll keep you informed of manufacturer promotions, closeout deals, and the best times to save!


BigCentric Beats The Other Guys!

Are you ready to start saving 20-30% on your new appliances?

We know you want to get the best deal possible on your new appliance purchase. We want you to get the best deal, too! We don't mind if you comparison shop. In fact, we recommend you do it.

When you shop for appliances, remember to look at the big picture. Other retailers don't always tell you the whole story up front. Do they charge for parts? Do they charge to haul away your old appliances? When you shop at that big box store, will you pay sales tax? The answer is usually "yes," and those are hidden charges you won't face with BigCentric.

Plus, on most major items our prices are flat out better than anyone - other retailers, big box stores, and even online. In fact, we took it upon ourselves to do the math. On our best selling 4 piece kitchen package, we're an average of 27% less expensive once you factor in the hidden charges and rebates, and that doesn't even include tax! With sales tax you'll be paying another 6-8% more with the other guys, depending on your location.

Parts: $45.55
Haul Away: $100
Rebates: $-200.00
Net After Rebates:
Not Inc. Tax
We're 32% Less
Parts: $34.54
Haul Away: $60
Rebates: $-200.00
Net After Rebates:
Not Inc. Tax
We're 26% Less
Parts: $50.94
Haul Away: $60
Rebates: $-200.00
Net After Rebates:
Not Inc. Tax
We're 22% Less
Parts: $87.97
Haul Away: $59.96
Rebates: $-200.00
Net After Rebates:
Not Inc. Tax
We're 27% Less
Parts: Free
Haul Away: Free
Rebates: $-600.00
Net After Rebates:
No Tax

This comparison is based on a set the same products delivered to the same local area on the same date. Note that this comparison is a representative sample only and no specific percentace savings is guaranteed; Prices on different types products vary and your savings may be lesser or greater than this specific example.
Get free local delivery with purchase of fridge, laundry pair, or massage chair! Click here for details.
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You can get unbeatable deals on individual appliances from Big Centric, too! Just like with our package deals, any purchase incuding a refrigerator or washer/dryer pair is eligible for free local delivery!

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Top Freezer Refrigerators
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28" Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
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French Door Refrigerators
30" Full Depth French Door Refrigerators
33" Full Depth French Door Refrigerators
33" Full Depth French Door Refrigerators
33" Counter Depth French Door Refrigerators
36" Counter Depth French Door Refrigerators
Four Door Refrigerators
33" Full Depth Four Door French Door Refrigerators
36" Full Depth Four Door French Door Refrigerators
36" Counter Depth Four Door French Door Refrigerators
Split Door Refrigerators
36" Full Depth Split Door Refrigerators
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Wall Ovens
Single Wall Ovens
24" Single Wall Ovens
27" Single Wall Ovens
30" Single Wall Ovens
Double Wall Ovens
24" Double Wall Ovens
27" Double Wall Ovens
30" Double Wall Ovens
Combination Microwave Wall Ovens
27" Combination Wall Oven Microwaves
30" Combination Wall Oven Microwaves
Gas Wall Ovens
Undercabinet Hoods
24" Undercabinet Hoods
30" Undercabinet Hoods
36" Undercabinet Hoods
42" Undercabinet Hoods
48" Undercabinet Hoods
Chimney Hoods
30" Chimney Wall Hoods
36" Chimney Wall Hoods
48" Chimney Wall Hoods
Island Hoods
30" Island Hoods
36" Island Hoods
48" Island Hoods
Telescopic Downdraft Hoods
30" Telescopic Downdraft Hoods
36" Telescopic Downdraft Hoods
Recirculating Hoods
Insert Hoods
Specialty Hoods
Combo Laundry
All Laundry Centers and All-In-One Laundry
Unitized Stacked Laundry Centers with Electric Dryers
Unitized Stacked Laundry Centers with Gas Dryers
All In One Combo Laundry Machines
Wine Coolers
Wine Coolers
Built In Wine Coolers
Free Standing Wine Coolers
Outdoor Rated Wine Coolers
Beverage Centers
Beverage Centers
Built In Beverage Centers
Free Standing Beverage Centers
Outdoor Rated Beverage Centers
Ice Makers
Ice Makers
Undercounter Ice Makers
Panel Ready Ice Makers
Warming Drawers
Warming Drawers
Specialty Refrigeration
All Specialty Refrigeration
All Freezers, Freezer Only
Chest Freezers
All Refrigerators, Refrigerator Only
Compact/Dorm Refrigerators
Medical Grade Refrigerators
Outdoor Rated Refrigerators
Kimchi Refrigerators
Electic Ranges
Electric 30" Free Standing Ranges
Electric 30" Slide In Ranges
Electric 20" Apartment Size Ranges
Electric 24" Apartment Size Ranges
Gas Ranges
Gas 30" Free Standing Ranges
Gas 30" Slide In Ranges
Gas 36" Ranges
Gas 48" Ranges
Gas 20" Apartment Size Ranges
Gas 24" Apartment Size Ranges
Dual Fuel Ranges
Induction Ranges
Double Oven Ranges
LP/Propane Convertible Ranges
Top Control Dishwashers
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Panel Ready Dishwashers
18" Apartment Size Dishwashers
Portable Dishwashers
Over The Range Microwaves
Convection Over The Range Microwaves
Low Profile Over The Range Microwaves
24" Apartment Size Over The Range Microwaves
Countertop Microwaves
Convection Countertop Microwaves
Trim Kit Compatible Microwaves
Built In Microwaves
Drawer Microwaves
Electric Cooktops
24" Electric Cooktops
30" Electric Cooktops
36" Electric Cooktops
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Coffee Makers
Coffee Makers
Countertop Appliances
Countertop Appliances
Top Load Washers
Top Load Washers with Agitator
High Efficiency Top Load Washers
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Full Size Front Load Washers
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Top Load Matching Dryers
Electric Top Load Matching Dryers
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